Mini Book Review: Graphics Programming in Windows (Charles Petzold)

My personal library is overcrowded, so over the years I have found it necessary to dispose of many books on outmoded technology. This book by Charles Petzold is different. Indeed, its unparalleled coverage of graphics programming techniques make it worth every inch of the space it takes up on my shelf.

Although this it was written some time in the 1990s, it has become a timeless classic. Its contents apply to modern versions of Windows, as well as any other platform you care to mention. Of course, it lacks detail about the innovations that have occurred since it was written, but the programming techniques that it espouses are as useful as ever they were. Indeed, it is hard to find fault with a single example given in this volume.

Some people may find the book a little brief, in places. It lacks the depth of found in Petzold’s other books. Nevertheless, this book is without comparison in its subject area. If anyone is looking for a book on Windows Graphics, you’d be hard pressed to find one that is as informative as this one.

Sadly, Amazon lists this book as out of print. But, if you can obtain a copy of this book, I urge you to buy it.