Useful Web Development Plugins for IE

Info on a couple of IE plugins that I find useful:
First, I couldn’t live without the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar. It is a collection of useful little tool for all kinds of web page development, free from Microsoft. Great for digging into the workings (or failings) of a web page. Follow the link for more information:
Second, the Web Development Helper useful. It was written by independent developer,Nikhil Kothari, and is also free. Not as useful as the Microsoft one, but still handy to have around. Its strength is its ability to log the traffic between the browser and the server: good if you want to know what a form is sending to the server, or what a server is sending back.

Flowchart: Game

Flowchart of a simple arcade game that I designed when I was a teenager.

Init Game

Score = 0
Level = 1
Lives = 3
Bombs = 3

Init Level

Clear screen
Reset bonus
Display stats
Big text “Scene XXX”
Create maze
Display maze

Init Life

Reset all sprites to initial positions
Decrement lives

Play Game

Move sprites
Detect collisions
Every second, decrement bonus

End Scene

Big text “Well Done”
Add bonus to score

End Life

Termination animation

End Game

Big text “Game Over”
Update high-scores