Naming Things

Naming Matters

For programmers, naming is an important activity:

  • It has a significant impact on code readability
  • We do it a lot

General Principles

  • Don’t make me think
  • Make wrong things look wrong
  • Take time to go fast

General Guidelines

  • Don’t be a perfectionist – don’t let naming paralize you
  • If you can improve it, do so
  • Remove the comment and improve the name
  • The wider the scope the longer the name

Follow Standards

  • Follow platform conventions
  • Call things the same as they are usually called
  • Use programmer speak for programmer things (solution domain)
  • Use the customer’s language to describe the customer’s things (problem domain)
  • Spell consistently and correctly
  • Pick one word to describe a concept and stick to it
  • Don’t inventing language where you don’t need to

Encourage Communication

  • Use pronouncable names
  • Invent language where you need to
  • Don’t be cute, clever or funny: not everyone will get it
  • Avoid cultural references

Be Useful

  • Avoid disinformation
  • Avoid noise words – words that don’t add anything (a, the etc.)
  • Avoid redundancy
  • Use searchable names
  • Think sortability – this will depend on the IDE
  • Avoid hungarian – it doesn’t usually add anything
  • Add context where it helps, remove it where it doesn’t

Specific Scenarios

  • Class names: noun-phrases, not a verbs
  • Method names: verb-phrases, not nouns

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