Some Basic Interview Advice

Notes from a recent training session (rather a basic one – but fundamentals are easily forgotten in stressful situations) :

Advance Preparation

  • Keep a copy of the job advert and specification.
  • Keep a copy of your application form / CV
  • Research the department / organisation + make notes
    • Understand where the organisation is going
  • Prepare questions to ask the interviewers

On-the-Day Preparation

  • Re-read your key documents – your application form / CV etc.

General Tips


  • Punctual
  • Smart
  • Polite
  • Natural but not casual

During the Interview

  • Take your time
  • Ask for repetition / clarification of questions – either because you need them or to give you time to answer
  • Give brief answers – ask if more detail is required.
  • Answer questions

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