MIDP 1.0 fillTriangle Method

One of the (many) limitations of MIDP 1.0 is that it lacks the fillTriangle that is present in MIDP 2.0. Below is a replacement method that works on MIDP 1.0 devices. It is based on notes published by Michal Wronski.

Michal’s algorithm depends on floating-point math – also unavailable in MIDP 1.0. With a little refactoring I was able to create an integer-only approximation. Sadly, rounding errors mean that my routine isn’t pixel perfect. An alternative that would give more accurate results would be to use some kind of fixed-point library. Despite its shortcomings, however, my method is good enough for many practical purposes (including my own).

I release this code into the public domain. You can use it as you please.

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